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The 1622 shipwreck Atocha has become the most famous and celebrated treasure find to date. Spanish
salvors spent the remainder of the seventeenth century searching in vain for what was destined to become
the most mysterious and elusive shipwreck of all time.  Modern day treasure hunters were baffled.  Extensive
magnetometer surveys turned up tantalizing clues like anchors, coins randomly strewn, and bronze cannons-
but no copper bars or silver ingots.   The  Atocha "mother load" of incredible riches defied the best attempts
to locate.  The galleon seemed to have literally "faded into History", and developed an almost mythical-
whimsical status as it gradually came to be known as the Ghost Galleon.
A thousand bars of silver and 552 ingots of copper had been loaded in close proximity, and sailed into
history in September 1622- almost four centuries ago.  The two cargoes complemented each other, providing
the balanced load for steady sailing.  Then came the raging hurricane of 1622.  This copper and silver- lost
and laid, side by side, under the sea for 365 years. was waiting to be found.
Treasure hunter Mel Fisher finally located this storied shipwreck in 1985.  X did not mark the spot.  Rather, it
was the combined presence of the silver and copper, in what was known as the " lower hold " of the once
grand sailing ship- that gave silent but irrefutable testimony that the Ghost Galleon had finally been found.
Jack Magne', Treasure Sails, Inc., now presents the Ghost Galleon Collection.  Authentic treasure
designs have been hand cast using  actual Atocha copper and silver bullion as separate and unique
components.  Fittingly joined again, side by side, in a celebration of art and antiquity. A lasting symbol of our
history and a unique present from our past.



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