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In September, 1985, world famous treasure hunter, Mel Fisher found the fabulous $400,000,000 bounty of the 1622 shipwrecked Spanish Galleon " Nuestra Senora De Atocha" in its shallow, watery grave about 60 miles west of Key West, Fla.Mel emerged as the folk hero who beat the odds, finding the richest and most elusive shipwreck ever; at the same time defeating the governmental powers determined to appropriate the treasure he had given seventeen years of his life to find. The Atocha, unquestionably, is the worlds most famous shipwreck, and Mel Fisher, by far, the most celebrated treasure hunter to date.
Pirate's Revenge
At about the same time, marketing executive, Jack Magné [pronounced Monyea], who had followed Fisher's exploits in National Geographic documentaries and national press coverages, wondered how a King's Treasure [Philip IV], could be made available and affordable to the average person. So far, all Magné had heard were stories of wealthy investors and collectors buying up artifacts to sock away in safe deposit boxes and bank vaults-- away from the general public; in effect "burying the treasure all over again". As fate would have it, Magné happened to be attending a sales meeting in Las Vegas in 1987, where Fisher,across town was presiding over an auction of many of the Atocha artifacts, including 75 to 90 pound bars or ingots. Magné's visit that day to the auction and chance meeting with Fisher resulted in a new direction, and career- Treasure Sails Inc. was born. Magné would become an early pioneer of the concept of casting authentically designed Treasure Jewelry from actual bullion [silver bars] recovered from the Atocha. At a subsequent meeting in Key West, Fisher sold Jack the first of many silver ingots and agreed to assist him in launching his line, including appearances with Jack on TV in Pittsburgh and participation with Jack on two TV infomercials on the J.C. Penney shopping Channel in N. Hollywood, Ca The shows were incredible successes and paved the way for Treasure Sail's entrance into the major Department Store business nationwide. Jack Magné now appears several times a year on the popular Shop NBC Shopping channel.

Jack Magné
Jack and Red CEO (Cat Executive Officer)


I saw her by the wood shed
So small and quite alone
So lost and left abandoned
A search - without a home

I tried to turn away then
My conscience pushed aside
The kitten caught my eye and
She gently looked inside

The battle soon was over
It scarcely had begun
Lil Red had found her master
A place that she had won

Years ago this happened
Some say Lil Red has changed
This rumor is unfounded
I swear she’s still the same

Her red coat hasn’t faded
She’s quick and in command
And still the little kitten
I once held in my hand

Jack Magné

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